Alabama Football Players Make One Night Shine For Special Needs Kids

If big time Alabama football commit Pierce Quick got arrested for possession your timeline would erupt with headlines about it. The media blasts us with every rumor about recruits flipping and getting in trouble but they don’t race each other to break stories like this one.

Pierce Quick has been in the news since his junior year of high school. We’ve read about his recruitment, his skill set, how he almost gave up football and even about how many birthday cards he got this year. 

Thanks to 24 hour breaking news we know every step he’s taken – except the steps he took to make one night shine for special needs kids recently.

While most college kids spend their Friday nights partying with friends, Pierce Quick, Mac Hereford, Thomas Fletcher and Will Reichard spent theirs making new ones at “A Night To Shine” – a prom party for special needs children.

If these young men were caught doing something wrong you’d see dozens of stories about it. This may be the only one you see about them doing something right.

This may be the only story you see about Tim Tebow’s Christian based ministry that started “A Night to Shine” or the remarkable special needs children that it serves. It won’t be on SportsCenter’s top ten. This year, the foundation will bring together hundreds of players, celebrities and volunteers to host over 100,000 special needs kids in more than 600 churches nationwide and it won’t crawl across the bottom of your screen during a timeout.

It might not matter to the media but that doesn’t matter to Pierce or Long Snap Fletch or the hundreds volunteers that make it happen because this one night to shine a year means everything to these kids.

A servant’s heart may not make headlines in today’s world but that’s okay, Alabama Nation. We don’t need ESPN or CBS worldwide reports to tell us that we’ve got something special going on right here at home. These young men are a credit to their families, their upbringing, Alabama football and this University – and Alabama Nation is proud to tell the story.

Roll Tide, Gentlemen.