Alabama Football: The Greatest Threat to Alabama’s Dynasty

The biggest threat to Alabama is Alabama.

The Crimson Tide’s success is unprecedented and so are the problems that it has presented. We don’t have a road map for the obstacles that Nick Saban is having to navigate around these days because they haven’t existed until now.

Nick Saban has lost 32 different coordinators during his Alabama football tenure. 10 of those have gone on to be head coaches themselves, taking the process that Nick Saban has so meticulously crafted in Tuscaloosa with them to the competition.

Bama has had 5 different offensive coordinators in just the last 3 years alone. Prior to the 2018 season, Nick Saban had to replace his entire coaching staff.

There are zero assistant coaches left in Tuscaloosa from the 2016 season and only one from 2017. This year the line of Saban assistants leaving Tuscaloosa is just as long. and it’s not going to stop because the monster making machine Nick Saban has built doesn’t have brakes.

Here’s the thing…

The machine that is Alabama football has been designed to manufacture NFL players. The cost of operating it is the early departure of juniors and red shirt sophomores to the NFL draft. It is fueled by recruiting and it is working as intended.

Top prospects choose Tuscaloosa because Nick Saban has proven time and again his ability to elevate elite talent to the next level.  The problem is that we now have assistant coaches coming to Tuscaloosa for the same reason. Alabama has evolved into a factory for coaches and coordinators as well as NFL talent.

Former Alabama football WR coach Josh Gattis coached under James Franklin for 6 years at Vanderbilt and in the Big 10 at Penn State and Michigan never came calling. One year under Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh snaps him up and waves him around like a carnival prize and that’s just one recent example. You can read up on the rest in Exodus chapter 31 more assistants, verse 2019.

Nick Saban has earned every ounce of faith that we put in him to reload and rebuild but that kind of turnover isn’t sustainable at the Waffle House much less at the highest level in college football. Yeah, he can do it, but at what cost? Nick Saban can’t spend months interviewing candidates every off season while other teams are focused on recruiting and expect to stay ahead of the curve.

So…what now? Is the dynasty doomed to crumble from within or is there an answer? Yes – and Nick Saban is already working on it. This is chess, not checkers, and Nick is still one step ahead of all of us.