Alabama Football: The Greatest Threat to Alabama’s Dynasty


Most folks would think that Georgia is the biggest threat to the dynasty. Former Saban assistant turned head coach Kirby Smart is bringing top level talent to Athens and, all things being equal, that is the key to dethroning the Alabama football dynasty.

…but all things are not equal. Georgia is just plain ol’ snakebit.

I don’t know what they did in Athens to anger the football Gods but they must have done it a lot. Georgia just cannot win big games or take that next step. Alabama has only led Georgia for 1 minute and 4 seconds in the last two games against the Dawgs – and the Tide won both of them. Those were soul crushing losses on the biggest stages for Georgia and they are the rule not the exception in Athens.

Mark Richt was famous for losing games that the Dawgs should have won. That’s the reason Georgia fired the perennial 10-win season Richt to bring in the as of yet untested Saban assistant Kirby Smart in the first place. It doesn’t seem to matter. Snakebit.

The danger to the Alabama football dynasty isn’t coming from the SEC East either.

Clemson isn’t even the biggest threat to the dynasty that is Alabama football. In the last four years the Tide is locked up at 2-2 with the Tigers with all of those games coming in the playoffs. Alabama and Clemson will no doubt be ranked 1 and 2 and on a collision course for the post season again in 2019.

Dabo Swinney has built a juggernaut that annually crushes ACC competition. The Tigers recruit well (#1 ACC #6 overall this year) and they’ve recently even managed to retain some top talent that most teams, including Alabama, would have lost to the NFL draft.

But trading national championships with Clemson isn’t going to bring down the dynasty either. The danger looming over Alabama football isn’t coming from Clemson or the BIG 10 or the PAC-12 or any other opponent outside of the Southeastern Conference.