Alabama Football: The Greatest Threat to Alabama’s Dynasty

Alabama football is a dynasty by any measure. In the last 10 years Alabama fans have seen eight #1 recruiting classes, 6 SEC championships, 5 national championships, 2 Heisman trophy winners and countless national awards. Nick Saban has led the Tide to 5 playoffs in a row and 4 straight national championships appearances. This run Alabama football is on right now is unprecedented…

…and in danger.

The danger isn’t coming from the other side of the state despite what the talking heads said when Malzahn took over at Auburn.

Sure, Auburn manages to find lightning in a bottle once every few years and the voodoo they brew in Jordan-Hare stadium is real but the talent level in the locker room and on the sidelines down on the plains just doesn’t compare to Tuscaloosa.

Auburn lost 5 in the regular season last year. If you want to count the last 5 regular season losses for Alabama you have to go all the way back to the end of 2013. That kind of chasm can’t be crossed with trick plays and nifty new hashtags.

The threat isn’t coming from Texas A&M’s new Saban assistant turned head coach Jimbo Fisher. He won a national championship at Florida State but Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston isn’t running out of that locker room in College Station. Texas A&M is recruiting well and will be more of a challenge in the west than they have been in the past but not enough to topple the Tide anytime soon.

LSU isn’t a threat to anything except sobriety and our beautiful Alabama skylines.

Alabama has taken down the Tigers 8 times in a reaux since the national championship game in 2012. Bama shut out LSU 29-0 this year in Death Valley and we get them at home in 2019 but that doesn’t really matter. The Tide has won more games in Baton Rouge (28) than the Tigers have won in the entire history of the series (25).

Alabama football poaches so many top prospects out of the state of Louisiana that one high school coach tried to ban Bama from even talking to students. Nick Saban should pay property taxes in Louisisna because he owns that entire state.

The danger to Alabama’s dominance isn’t coming from the SEC West.