Alabama Football: Big Mad Georgia Fan Remix of National Championship Video

Alabama Football fans hear me when I say that I will never stop remixing this clip. One day I will be 90 years old tottering around in the common room of a nursing home with a fake hip yelling at real nurses for assistance in remixing this clip.  This is the Big Mad Georgia Bulldog Remix.



This remix was easy to make. The only difficult part was selecting the butt hurt Bulldog images and clips that I wanted to use because there were just so many big mad fans to choose from. I wanted to make sure to include all the crying about the referees that was going on as well.

Also, it’s still going on.

When we posted this on Alabama Nation’s Facebook it got a lot of laughs – which was the point. We are Alabama Nation – not Big Butt Burt Bulldog Fans Come Cry About Referees And Feelings Nation – but you wouldn’t know that from the comments or our inbox.

I think that some of these folks thought we were some soft corporate entity that would bend to their butt hurt outrage and apologize like this guy who is sorry for eating Chik-Fil-A because it offended some snow flake somewhere for some reason .

They were shocked when we fired back like it was 2nd and 26 and their tears were the goal line. I’ve now been blocked more than LeBron James in the 2018 NBA finals – and that’s fine. We here at Alabama Nation take it like a champ but we dish it out even better. It’s kind of our thing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go edit all this hate mail and big mad inbox messages into a video. Stay tuned, Alabama Nation!