Alabama Football: (Video) Bama Fan Reacts to Auburn Loss…Poorly

Alabama Football Fan reacts to the Auburn Loss…Poorly

Alabama Football fans know what I’m talking about but I need to put 250 words here so that Google content crawlers do too.  We dish out a lot of smack here on Alabama Nation but never let it be said that we can’t take it. That’s why I made this video and myself available to all the Barners I’d been berating since…ever.

I’m not going to lie. It hurt. If I had wrote this article in November it would probably just be a string of cuss words but I didn’t – and its not. I’m writing it in June wearing a crisp, new national champions hat and thinking about the age old question Alabama Football fans have asked themselves ever since I’ve been going to Bryant – Denny.

Those of you who have been Alabama Football fans for longer than Nick Saban has been coaching know it. “Would you, as an Alabama Football fan, trade a loss to Auburn for a national championship?”

I couldn’t even fathom a national championship – much less 5 in 9 years – back when Mike Price was tipping strippers with the University’s dime. I couldn’t imagine a national championship when Dubose was taking L’s like he was on the Wheel of Fortune final puzzle.

I don’t have to fantasize about the Crimson Tide on top now and I don’t have to think about that question anymore either. We all know what happened. We all know the ending. We all know the answer.

I’d rather beat Auburn than any other team in the country but it doesn’t sting near as much to lose when you walk away a national champion. The answer is yes. I’ll make that trade..but just once. I want some revenge this year.

I hope you enjoyed the vid, Alabama Nation. Roll Tide!